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Why we love home made play dough

last month I made a new batch of home made play dough and added essential oils to make them smell divine. I used a different oil for each of the colours, including lavender, neroli, geranium, roman calamine and ylang ylang.

MiniMad loves play dough, it is one of his most favourite things, he loves investing things with it, making sausages, using the cookie cutters and smelling it too.

We had a lovely relaxing hour before swimming this morning with all three of us sat at the dinning table chatting and playing with the dough, infact we were all so engrossed we nearly missed our duckings session.

The thing is it is such a creative tool, versatile, inexpensive to make and also a doddle to clear up too. I find playing with it very therapeutic and relaxing.

We have shop bought playdoh including the barber set, the octopus and operation, but keep coming back to the home made stuff and the cookie cutters, squisher thing (yes that’s the technical term) and rolling pin

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