Why you should vote for me

Today is the final day for voting in The Mads.  I am one of the final five who are up for the Best family Fun Blog, so I am putting in a shameless, last ditched attempt to gain your votes.
So here are some reasons why I think we fit the bill
Crafting with Children
Fathers day is June 20th, so here I have some great ideas for Fathers day cards and gifts you can make with your children.
One of my most popular posts via search engine is the rain catchers we made inspired by Cbeebies.
Do you have lots of broken wax crayons?  Don’t throw them away, try out recycling them in to make your own funky multi-coloured crayons.
Cooking with Children
Get creative in the kitchen with this recipe for home made naan bread and dahl.
best carrot cake in the whole wide world, don’t believe me take a look at the comments!
Great Ideas
.  Well my car packs came in so handy when we had a breakdown
When I was teaching the boys to set the table, I made a printed table mat and also made a fabric one for each of them too.
Rewards and Incentives for children.   Read about our method of positive reinforcement and rewards to encourage good behaviour
Wonderful Readers
One of the most inspiring things I have learned from blogging is the support and comments I receive from my readers and commenter’s. A great example is that fact that Mini suffers from terrible tantrums and the advise and support I received was life changing for us all. Read about the recomendations and how we implemented the ideas.

Voting closes tonight at midnight, so if you haven’t voted for TheMadHouse yet, then please click here and give me your vote!