Win a years supply of tea for your teacher from Whittards

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a Tea Monster.  In fact I should have a blog called The Tea Monster.  I love a good cup of tea and Whittard of Chelsea are giving children under 11 the opportunity to draw their teacher and win them a years supply of tea.

How cool is that!

tea for teacher


So why not print the entry form  and have them draw their favourite teacher with a comment and email either a photo/scan to by 30 June 2013.

So my boys are going to do one for each of their teachers, when I asked Mini his response was:

My teacher deserves a years supply of tea as he is the BEST teacher in the world, plus he supports Middlesbrough Football Club and they have been relegated.

Maxi thinks this teacher deserves a years supply of tea:

My teacher has beautiful hair and helps me learn and puts in lots of effort.

I am also a firm believer in saying thank you to teachers for all the hard work they put in teacher my children throughout the year.  We do not spend a lot of money on teachers gifts, but we do make something for them at Christmas and at the end of the year.

apple fabric bags

We have made Apple Fabric Bags and cards, lavender bags from fabric the children had coloured, finger printed mugs and tea cup candles in the past.   We try to give something that the boys have had a hand in making and that expresses our thankfulness.  Both the boys love school and I am grateful that they are well looked after.