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Win the brand new LeapReader from LeapFrog

We are huge fans of LeapFrog and have been since the boys were small.  They grew up with LeapFrog and are only just at seven and eight leaving that stage of their life behind.  We have been putting the new LeapReader though it’s paces and it is certainly an improvement and step up on the old one, however, you can still use most of the tag books with it, which is great.  Mini loves going to0 be and listening to an audio book on the LeapReader.

mini Collage

  1. LeapFrog uses English sounds and phonics
  2. They tend to have unisex colours focusing on green and purple
  3. They last and last.  We just passed on an original Leapster and cartridges to a friends after 7 years of use!
  4. They are reasonably prices and you can get the cartdifes and books easily and they are often on offer

Why we love LeapReaders

  1. Both the boys have had LeapReaders in the past and they have been well used
  2. They are versatile, you can use the pen to read a specific word or page or you can set it to read the whole story (which is perfect for another bedtime story)
  3. You can use the LeapReader to trace and practice letter writing.  It now has  interactive guidance and magic ink that appears on special mess-free paper
  4. It uses real books that can be read independently
  5. You can now download audio books, trivia challenges and music
  6. You can attach headphones and encourage quiet time

Scout Collage

We were also sent a Read with Me Scout, which is aimed at younger children and my friend has been testing this out with her 2 and 4 year old.   Scout is an  an interactive get ready-to-read toy that’s doggone fun! Scout reads from the five included board books, and engages children by asking questions throughout the story to help build comprehension skills. The board books are really well made and have survived the hands of her 2 year old, but also captured her four year olds attention.  Scout really does cover the two ages really well.

We love the new LeapReader so much we have joined up with Leapfrog to giveaway a brand new LeapReader in time for Christmas

win Leapreader

Win the brand new LeapReader from LeapFrog

LeapFrog, the leader in educational entertainment, has launched LeapReader – a break-through new learn-to-read-and-write solution for children aged four to eight year olds.

LeapReader combines three essential literacy skills: reading, writing and listening into one electronic learning device.   By practicing them together, children can practice the skills they need to help them become confident, independent readers.

Touch LeapReader to any page to sound out words letter by letter, read sentences in lively character voices and play fun games that build comprehension.  Use LeapReader to trace letters and numbers, and write words stroke-by-stroke with interactive guidance .

LeapReader will bring some of your child’s favourite characters to life, including an exclusive 3D Monsters University LeapReader book, as well as those from Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story 3, Cars 2 and Brave.

For more information about LeapReader please visit
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