Winter Manifesto 10

We have had a fantastic, but flu ridden Christmas in The Mad House.  Many of you that follow me on Instragram will already know this.  It started with Maxi on 23rd and then went through the house.  I was taking lots of precautions, but eventually it caught up with me big style and I am the one suffering now and typically MadDad has just returned to work.


I am not a fan of New Years resolutions, but I do a seasonal manifesto and have done for over a year now and I realised that I had missed my winter one out.  I guess I was far too busy enjoying the build up to Christmas.  I have really enjoyed all the crafting, making and baking that took place and I feel that it might have kick started my creative side again.

  • Make a seasonal Wreath.  I have ideas already for the January and February (valentines) ones.
  • Get back to using my SAD lamp.  I had to take a break due to the eye surgery.
  • Speaking of eye surgery, it went really well.  I have a slight issue with a lose fiber in my right eye, but I am kicking myself as to why I didn’t have it done sooner.  so I am going to endeavor to make more of my eyes and try to wear a little bit of eye make up.
  • I WILL make a start on Mini’s quilt.
  • I am also going to join a weekly craft group locally and have looked in to joining a local WI, so am going to pluck up the courage to attend.
  • I am also going to turn the camera off auto more and will be attending a lesson with Cass from Frugal Family.

I will also be making a big effort to live as frugally as possible and will be chronicling this and tips on A Thrifty Mum and would love you to follow and help me in any way you can.


My main focus this year will be to continue choosing joy and focusing on doing one thing everyday and doing it right.

I am delighted to say that my Choose Joy post has been featured at the Tots100 as one of their posts of 2012 and having read through the others, there are some great posts, so if you want to be inspired by some of the fantastic blog posts and bloggers out there, then grab a coffee and what is left of the quality street and take a read though the others.

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