Witsun Wanderings 6

We have been making the most of a week off school and have been busy here in The Mad House, far too busy to even blog about it until now.  So I thought I would do a roundup of what we have been upto.


Making Squash Monsters


Celebrating my Niece’s 6th Birthday

Enjoying some new Lego Sticker books in Mum and Dad’s bed


Getting a medal at the Fairy Family Fun Day



Running egg and spoon races

Building a Tidy Books Bookcase


Testing Douwe Egberts Decaff ground coffee. Yes my mummy fail is that Mini adores coffee and I only drink decaff, so this got a big thumbs up from us, wven from MadDad who knows and loves his coffee.


Having fun with friends


Learning to ride our bikes without stabilizers


6 thoughts on “Witsun Wanderings

  • Alexander Residence

    Wow! Quiet week then? Looks like loads of fun. Really like the idea of photo ‘reviews’ too, great idea. A picture says a million words. Although I love your words too!

    • admin

      Alexander Residence » I loved your video blog of your trip. Sometimes it is just easy to have a photo, espeically when I havent been able to get near a PC or really wanted to

  • Kim

    Looks like you’ve had a great week.

    Something maxi and mini might like is the Open Farm Sunday happening this Sunday (June 12th). I spotted a sign as we were coming back from a camping trip last week.

    A number of farms across the UK are opening their gates free of charge to the public and organising tours and extra activities for the kids.

    There are more details on http://www.farmsunday.org

    Let me know if you go – I’m hoping to go to one near us – if its not too wet!

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