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Wonderful Wooden Spoon Characters

Wonderful Wooden Spoon Characters

Inspired by our Kids in the kitchen pack we received from Betta Living and the craft pack from the Tots100 Bostic Craft Club this month we decided to make our own wooden spoon characters to use as puppets.

So let me introduce you to Alice, Jim and Sheena (the punk rocker)!

We had great fun making our wooden spoon puppets.


  1. Wooden Spoons
  2. Fabric Scraps
  3. Embroidery floss scraps
  4. pens
  5. Fabric Glue
  6. Pipe cleaners
  7. Sharpies

wooden spoon puppets

We basically just had loads of fun making our wooden spoon characters by glueing on clothes which were just scraps of fabric and adding some embroidery floss hair.  We even added pipe cleaner arms.

We then drew on faces and left them to dry before putting on a show, which of course Sheena was the star!



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