Woops a Daisy Angel 12

MaxiMad’s Nativity play was held yesterday afternoon and MadDad made a mad dash down the A1M in order to get back for it.
Now MaxiMads year (reception or FS2) is a very big year with excess of 70 children in it and 3 classes, so I can not imagine what work has gone in to this by teachers, Teaching Assistants and the children.  We were not asked to provide costumes, so I was very excited to arrive and see what was going to happen and what everyone was wearing.
Maxi wouldnt tell me or MadDad anything about it at all, as it was a secret, he wouldnt even practice his words with us.
Well it was a wonderful production, every body had a part to play and there was lots of snivvling mummy’s and stolic daddy’s in the audience and I was very proud of MaxiMads speaking voice.

He was dressed up, as was everybody, they had the ususal Mary, Joseph, Angels, Snowflakes, Shepherds, Animals and Wise Men.  Everyone else was either dressed as an Angel or a Sheperd, even the narators.
It was a Fabtastic time, how 70 mostly 4 years olds managed to put on a suberb singing and dancing spectaular is beyond me, so hats off to every one involved.

When MaxiMad got home MadDad suggested now that he has dressed up, he could join in with fancy dress, world book day and the likes.  His response “It was for the production Daddy, I had to get in to my character” Oh and then he followed this “I am not going to dress up for yours or anyone elses pleasure unless it is for another play”.  

We were floored, he knows his mind that boy.

I will be more prepared tomorrow at MiniMads, I will have tissues on hand, to wipe away my tears, as 60 odd 3 year olds do their nativity.

Oh and I am so sorry I have been slack on the Advent crafts and calender posts, but I keep forgetting to take pictures.  We are making Jelly Baby Jesus cakes tonight!!

Don’t stay on in Bethlehem
When the counting’s done
Hurry back to Nazareth
So we can see your son

It’s eighty miles to Bethlehem
Where Mary and I must go,
And I’m worried about her –
The roads are rough
And the donkey can only go slow


12 thoughts on “Woops a Daisy Angel

  • Floss

    Wonderful! At 11 and 12 we only have plays and sketches at church now, so Dec 20th is our big day. Son 2 is a very important red babule, and Son 1 will be an alien captain! Son 1 is very like your boy in his unique selection of what he will or won't join in with, so I am deighted to hear that he's prepared to captain the alien ship! Have another wonderful time tomorrow.

  • bad penny

    love it – If you speak to a child in an adult -way they will answer likewise !

    I am missing having a little one in all the productions

    Can I borrow an infant someone please !!!

    No email from you yet ! Pennysteel@talktalk.com

    the P is a capital

  • Karen

    My eldest did Whoops a daisy Angel a year or two back, it was great! I love the kids plays but always, always cry, much to my husbands amusement!

  • angelsandurchinsblog

    Love his response to costume wearing. Thank goodness he didn't decide to go the method approach to his craft, or you'd have all been moved into a stable in the weeks before the Nativity!

  • maria

    Such a proud moment when your little one appears in the nativity play for the first time. When my boy was three he was baby Jesus and I still remember his lost expression sitting in a wooden crib dressed in a silky white gown!

  • Sew Scrumptious

    We have been at a nativity today at pre school. I cried it was so sweet!! Can I say a massive thanks for the most GORGEOUS tea cup candle that you sent for my mum. I LOVE it and totally want to keep it!! Couldn't find an email to email you direct. Could you email me with it so I can thank you properly please?? You are very kind. xx

  • bakingmadmama

    Sounds like he did brilliantly! I can't wait to go to the Bear's first nativity and embarrass myself by crying all the way through.

  • A Modern Mother

    It amazes me how the school put these on with so many children. I went to one last night with 180 (!) children and they all had (small) parts.

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