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Clove and Orange Pomanders perfect for Christmas

Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • 5 Oranges Firm
  • Cloves
  • Ribbon


  1. Take your firm orange design out your pattern.

  2. Using a cocktail stick make a whole to push the clove in. This is much easier on your fingers and prevents the clove snapping.

  3. To help get your lines straight (if that is important to you) then use an elastic band around the fruit and using the outer edge of the band as a guide. Push in the cloves where you have made the holes.

  4. Wrap ribbon around the fruit like a parcel – dividing it into quarters – and tie in a bow. If you ribbon keeps slipping then add a dab of glue (you are not going to eat the pomander so it doesn't matter)

  5. I loved the look of pomanders with the rind removed and a lino cutting tool is a safe and easy way to do this. I have a simple inexpensive one that I have used with the boys. If you want a specific patter than draw on the rind with a sharpie (don't worry you are going to carve away the skin so no one will see it).

  6. Be creative and arrange the cloves in diamonds, circles, or other patterns. As the orange dries, it will release a delicate, spicy fragrance