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Back to School Countdown Chain Calendar

A visual countdown calendar

Keyword back to school, crafts, kids craft
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes


  • Coloured Paper or Card
  • Optional Back to School Printable to Colour


  1. Print off and Colour the Back to School Printable.

  2. Cut out paper strips. I used our paper cutter and cut 1-inch strips across the short edge of the paper, but if you have an older child use a ruler and get them to mark and cut the strips as it is an excellent scossor skill task.

  3. Make a loop for each day until school starts from the day you want to start using the calendar. You can also write the day or number of days left on each of the loops.

  4. Have your child make a loop with the paper and use glue or a stapler to connect it. My kids love using the stapler. Make a loop for each day until school starts. We are going to start counting down in August, so we made 16 loops.

  5. On the last loop make a tear drop shape instead of a loop and connect it to the Back to School Header that your child has coloured in.