Writing Workshop – Do not be defined by what you can be, rather who you can be

What can I say about a mothers love, the love I feel for my two boys

The need to give them happiness throughout their lives
To see joy in their faces
To be privileged to experience with them so many firsts.
First Steps
First Smile
First tooth
The first feel of sand in their toes
To be able to pick them up after their first fall.
To be able to give unconditional love.
To love their faults.
To instill in them the morals of their father.
To teach them to be righteous men, with big hearts and a strong comprehension of good and bad and the sense to make the best choice.
To go down the right path.
To be blessed with experiencing wonderment.
To introduce them to Father Christmas and to instill in them that giving is better than receiving.
To watch them grow and blossom
To find the love of their lives and watch them mature

I am truly blessed with two wonderful boys and the chance to make a difference

I wrote this on 22 August 2006, when mini was less than two months old and Maxi was just 17 months old and it means just as much then as now, if not more.    I wrote it after a 2am night feed and was unable to get back to sleep, whist I watched mini sleep peacefully. 
I chose option 3 What do you secretly dream of your children doing?
When I think of what I hope my children may grow up to do, there isn’t one job, one career that comes to mind and that is OK.  I am resigned to the fact that I place more emphasis on who they are and who they can be, rather than what they can be.
The one thing they do both know, is that they can choose to be the best that they can be and that I will always be there.