Writing Workshop – My Spring and Summer Manifesto

Dear Voters (well my boys in this one)
We will make life fun, we will focus on laughter and giggles and grasp what we can get out of the day.
We shall enjoy the seaside and I will ensure that we have the wet suits in the car at all time.
We shall endeavor to make the most of the sunshine and of the environment around us.
We shall picnic in our secret place and run free on the moors.
We shall barbecue in the garden on a Saturday evening focusing on good food and great company.
We shall enjoy the harvest from our garden.
We will make, bake and create on a regular basis. I will not worry about the mess, or stress about the outcome.
We with feed the ducks and float homemade paper boats on the pond.
We will go on family walks and use your maps to explore new places.
We will explore the wonderful parks in the local area and find our favorites.
We will camp and explore new areas, cuddling up under our canvass.
I will try not to shout, but you will need to listen and not just hear.
We will swim and play football.
I will try to say yes more.
I will try and be the best I can.
We will dream, we will grow and we will remain family.

This post was inspired by promt 4 What’s YOUR party manifesto? for Sleep is for the Week‘s Writing Workshop