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Guilty Pleasures
I am not sure that I have many pleasures that I feel guilty about, but I do have a number of things that make my life good, if not great and bring me great pleasure too.
I like tea, no lets change that I love tea.  I have and am know in some circles as a Tea Monster.  It is my drink of choice, followed back Jack Daniels.  The thing is I need it to be a decent cup of tea, none of this wood shavings in a tea bag, lord no.
I like my tea of of a special cup and preferably made with leaves, dont you know.  I have two tea pots and did have a special large tea cup and saucer but this broke earlier in the year.  Oh and it has to be a china cup too.  You have to put the milk in first and the tea, bust no be week as dishwater either!
Tea is the first thing I reach for in the morning, MadDad is a star and brings me up a cup as he leaves for work and it sets me up for the day.  I would rather go without than drink a poor cup of tea.
I also love going for afternoon tea, when we can afford it and the minimads love the routine too, in fact we often re-create it at home with little sandwiches and cakes too.  They both like their tea and have their own cups (but they get decaf).
I also have a thing for moist toilet tissue (dont you just love all the lip pursing you have to do to say it).  This is a relic from my pregnant days, when I found it just did the job better!
My other pleasures are my bed and bedding.  I adore my superking size bed in an almost obscene way.  We purchased it before I went into hospital last year, so that we didn’t need to all be cramped.  What can I say about it other than it is the best thing in the house!!  I adore getting in to bed when I have had a bath or a shower and there is clean bedding, so for this reason I iron my bedding.  It is all about the duvet being perfectly in the cover, the sheets being wrinkle free and the clean smell.
My other guilty pleasure is chips, but not just any chips, they have to be home made chips.  My dad made the best home made chips in the world, followed by my Father in Law.  Now dont get me wrong we make decent chips in our Tefal Actifry thing, but you can not beat home made chips done in a deep fat fryer (we dont even own one).
Now please dont report me for this last one, but nothing beats giving my two little men’s peachy and delectable bare bottoms a stoke.  They are just wonderful, in fact the two of them just make me want to squeeze them far to hard and take bites out of them sometimes.  Strange this mothering lark.  They also smell perfect, even better when they are in their Pj’s cuddled up each side of me reading a book.
I guess this kind of all morphs together in a way to bring you to my most favorite things in the whole wide world – My family.  it may not be fashionable, it may not be in trend to say it, but my family are my guilty pleasure.  I enjoy all of their company, most of the time.  I am one of these woman who gets on really well with her husband, MadDad and I would prefer to do things as a family than go out separately.  In fact my mum had MaxiMad on Saturday evening and we all missed him.  I love our Saturday night in front of trashy TV.  hole in the wall, followed by Merlin and finished off with Strictly!!
This post was written for Weekly writing workshop at Sleep is for the weak and was inspired by prompt 2.What’s your guilty pleasure?

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8 thoughts on “Writing Workshop on a Wednesday

  • Mary Poppins

    What a lovely post, thanks for sharing, I think my Family are my gulity pleasure, but Shhhh, wouldn't want them to know 😉 Chips and tea, Ooooh yummy 🙂

    Thank you so much for your lovely and special comments that really helped me feel better, sending you a hug too for your little one and fingers crossed he gets through winter with no visits, my DS is three and has only been taken off the open access register a couple of months ago. He is a little better, think I may give him the steam treatment too, thanks for sharing a little of your story with me.

    Hugs for you



  • slugs on the refrigerator

    lovely!! I love beds, beddings and baby bottoms too! In fact, my favourite thing is to get into bed naked after a bath. Though that has dramatically decreased since the arrival of Ellis.

    and I am a compulsive baby/toddler bottom pincher

  • Linda

    Another fan of babies' bums and top quality loo paper here. But I have to lower the tone and tell you I don't like tea 🙂 I also LOVE my bed and in fact am going to go and lie in it around about….now. Night.

  • fun mum / glum mum

    i do home made chips too! i leave the skin on which makes them taste soooo much better as well, it started out as laziness and then i realised that they actually tasted better that way, great writing xxx

  • Josie @Sleep is for the Weak

    I love your guilty pleasures!! I am totally with you on the afternoon – one of my real treats is for me and Kai to go and have a cream tea in a lovely old cafe in town.

    I don't trust Kai's bottom enough to get too close… 😉

  • lifewithalittledude

    such a lovely most! made me all smiley 🙂
    and i'm so with you on the linen thing- LOVE the feeling of fresh clean sheets after a nice long bath 🙂

  • Geriatric Mummy

    My post about stress free living involved tea drinking too !

    A lovely read, and it has rekindled my memory of home made chips. Gonna have to try some…

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