Writing Workshop – Untill the next night

I am anxious, trying not to think about what might be wrong
I am trying hard to banish any worrying thoughts from my mind
To compartmentalise my health worries
Separating them from our everyday life
But I am tired, oh so tired, exhausted beyond belief
Trying hard to keep up with my boys
which I do manage most day’s
But my nights suffer for it
The thoughts they run free in the dark
No longer masked by the bright sunshine of the day
They invade my sleeping hours
Leaving me no where to hide
So how do I verbalise my worries?
Will talking about them make them feel more real?
I can not give them any more power than they already have
So I will keep them to myself for now
I will the night to pass, the clock to tick forward
bringing the darkest hours before the dawn
Dawn brings me my family, my reason, my being
Giving me something to distract me
I can almost feel the apprehension gripping on to my heart
The nervousness making my tummy turn to jelly
Yes I am worried

But I refuse to allow the dread a presence during the daylight hours

And soon enough the day does come
A shard of light piercing the dark night
The tiptoe of tint feet
And great big warm cuddles making everything alright

Untill the next night …….

This week I chose prompt number 5 – Pick an emotion that best represents your state of mind right now and write creatively on that theme.