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Yarn wrapped sticks

Sticks, when is a stick not a stick? Well a stick can be and often is everything in this house.  You can find a pile of sticks at the front door as my boys pick up sticks wherever we go and this “treasure” is part of childhood and I love it!  But I also love doing something with these sticks and we decided to practice some fine motor skills and make some yarn wrapped sticks.

tarns wrapped sticks

It almost seems laughable to actually devote a whole post to yarn wrapped sticks, however, both the kids and I had so much fun doing this.

yarn wrapped sticks1


  • Sticks, twigs or even drift wood
  • Yarn
  • Embroidery thread
  • acrylic paint – optional

I love that the yarn wrapped sticks can become anything.  Mini said he was making wands, whilst Maxi decided he was making art!

yarn wrapped sticks 2

It really is as simple as making a loop with the yarn and tying a know before wrapping the wool, yarn or embroidery thread around it.

yarn wrapped sticks 3

Wrapping is a great way to work on fine motor skills for children of all ages, but I would keep this craft for slightly older children and make sure that they are supervised as sticks have pointy ends!

yarn wrapped sticks in jar

Once we had finished our yarn wrapped sticks we decided to display them in a jar.  They look really beautiful.

yarn wrapped sticks 4

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