You can stop the world again - I am ready to get back on | Mum In The Madhouse

You can stop the world again – I am ready to get back on

The day has improved, unlike the weather. It is heavy shower after heavy shower.

I gave in on the trying to dry a super king size duvet and a single duvet, along with all the bedding and went out a bought cheap (£10 and £5) ones from Argos. At least this way I will have a spare should it ever happen again. I rationalised that it was a cheap as going to the laundrette and the fact is that my washer can cope with the duvets, so I may as well.

One of the things the boys have discovered in the rain is that you much faster sown a wet slide if you are naked. So my poor neighbours have been subjected to them running out and jumping on the slide in the middle of the down pours.

We managed to get the shopping done this morning with only the minimal amount of stress and MadDad managed to get in to have a family dinner with us. Home made lasagna and garlic bread yum yum.

The forecast for the next couple of days isn’t great (well it is for the garden and the veg, but not the children or me), so I will be delving in to our rainy day activities.