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50 Autumn Activities for Kids

50 Autumn Activities for Kids

Make the most of out the glorious season that is Autumn with our fab low-cost or no cost Autumn Activities for kids and families. Do you love Autumn?  We are lucky in the UK to have four distinct seasons and I adore how different each one is.  Autumn really is a season of wonder and change with beautiful crisp leaves and fabulous sunsets.

I love it when the activities are low-cost and no-cost and we have something seasonal for all the family with our fab graphic for our 50 Autumn Activities for Kids there is fall fun for all the family.

50 Autumn Activities for Kids

Each season I update our bored jar with new activities for the new season.  So I never hear the words I’m Bored from either of the boys.  I also fill our bored jar with a selection of chores too!

I love getting outdoors and making the most of the season and the fall leaves make for so much fun, not just to look at or even jump in (Jumping in a pile of leaves is not just for toddlers or preschoolers let me tell you). There really is so much treasure to find on scavenger hunts such as acorns, pine cones and autumn leaves (you can collect the best leaves for leaf rubbings or better still take some paper and crayons on your walk and do the rubbings on your adventure).

This big list of fall things to do with kids of all ages is packed with fun fall activities the entire family will love.

50 Autumn Activities for Kids

Go apple picking
Jump in a pile of leaves
Make some autumn art
Collect colourful fall leaves
Collect seeds from plants in the garden
Plant bulbs for next spring
Make a bird feeder
Make leaf prints
Make pumpkin playdough
Create an Autumn poem
Go looking for spider webs
Make a nature table with your Autumn finds
Bake an apple pie
Carve your own pumpkin
Make Autumn sun catchers
Go on a bat watch at dusk
Make toffee apples
Set up a scavenger hunt
Collect sycamore seeds
Grab an umbrella and go singing in the rain
Throw a Halloween party
Make an autumn wreath for your door
Make a bug hotel
Listen to the sound of leaves crunching under your feet
Collect conkers
Collect pinecones
Collect twigs
Make hot chocolate
Draw or paint some autumn still life
Attend harvest festival
Make apple crisps/chips
Remember what you’re thankful for
Take pictures of all the different colours you can find in a woodland
Make leaf rubbings
Go stargazing
Have an autumn picnic
Look for a full moon
Go trick or treating
Try apple bobbing
Make apple sauce
Fly a kite
Make a windsock
Dry orange slices
Roast pumpkin seeds
Make Halloween biscuits
Make a rain catcher
Build an indoor fort
Collect acorns
Donate old woollens and coats to a charity
Help clear leaves from the lawn

50 Autumn Activities for Kids. Fab low cost or no cost Autumn Activities for Kids to ensure families have fun this fall

Other favourite Fall Activities:

These fall activities for adults and kids alike are the best way to take advantage of the crisp weather and beautiful foliage all season long.

What low-cost or no-cost Autumn activities have I missed?

50 Autumn Activities for Kids

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