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DIY Pipe Cleaner Crown – Royal Craft

This simple Pip Cleaner Crown or tiara is a fun royal craft perfect for the coronation or for a British-themed celebration. It is an adorable kids’ craft and is so much fun to make.

We show you how to make easy pipe cleaner crowns fit for King or queen.

What I love about a DIY pipe cleaner tiara or crown takes very little craft materials and is a low-mess project perfect for a class activity, birthday parties or as part of a king or queen costume for Halloween. We have seen these with a pipe cleaner base around the head, but we wanted to take it to the next level.

We show you how to make easy pipe cleaner crowns fit for King or queen.

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Crown

I am all about making crafts as simple as possible so as an adult, I can just let the kids have fun and these Pipe cleaner crowns certainly fit the bill. We used red, white and blue pipe cleaners as we made these for the coronation, however, you could use different coloured pipe cleaners, there are no rules when it comes to art, but how cool with it look with rainbow pipe cleaners? Just let the kid’s creative spirits run free. So whether you are making pipe cleaner crowns or pipe cleaner Tiarias have fun and enjoy.

Pipe Cleaner Crown

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Materials Required

DIY Pipe Cleaner Crown - Royal Craft
DIY Pipe Cleaner Crown - Royal Craft


Start by trimming the cardstock (landscape) to 8 cm or 3 inches deep, you need two strips to make one crown.

Then fold in half so the base of your crown or tiara is 4cm or 1.5 inches deep. Run your ruler across the fold to make it crisp.

Join the two card pieces together along one short edge. I like double-sided tape for this. Next measure the wearers head to ensure the crown fits and cut the card to that length plus 1.5 cm (or 1/2 inch)

We then took the length of the crown and divided it into five and rounded it down (11qcm) and marked along the edge.

Then place a piece of double-sided tape along the top edge of the crown.

Then you need to cut your the same colour pipe cleaners into different sizes. We chose to not cut the longest ones at all and the fun with this craft is that different children will cut them to different sizes so all the crowns will look unique.

Either bend the pipe cleaners into semi-circles and place them on to the double-sided tape at the pencil marks from before or fold in half and nip or twist the tops together to create nice triangles with sharp peaks.

Do the same for the next shorter colour and position inside of the previous pipe cleaners.

Finally, add the shortest different coloured pipe cleaners (the same as the previous step).

Then fold the bottom of the cardboard “crown” over and press hard.

Tip: You could skip the double-sided tape and use your trusty glue gun with older children.

Use a stapler or tape to secure the two ends of the cardboard strip together, forming the base of the crown. You can also add some staples around it to ensure the entire base is secure.

Optional – the kids can decorate the card band crown if they want, a fun idea would be to use pom pom balls or stick on stars

DIY Pipe Cleaner Crown - Royal Craft
Pipe Cleaner Crown

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