Now is the perfect time 12

Photo credit Dairylea

 Stop the clocks, for now is the perfect time.

A time I want to capture and put in a bottle.

There is nothing out of the ordinary about now.

The boys are not being perfectly behaved.

The sun isn’t shining.

The rain isn’t falling.

The house isnt particularly clean.

There is a pile of clothes than need ironing that is two weeks high.

There are books and magazines unread.

I am many a stone heavier than I wish to be.

However, there is fresh bedding on the beds.

The sound of boys playing outside, they are playing football against the garage door.


There is food in the slow cooker.

A husband on his way home.

Veg growing in the riased beds and seedlings sprouting in the plastic greenhouse.

Cut flowers in vases.

Radio 2 is playing Roy Orbison in the background.

Stop the clocks, for now is the perfect time.


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