Over 50 Activities for teens, Perfect for while school is on break 1

How do you encourage teenagers not to spend all of their spare time on their phones or video game? Well, we have collected some activities for teens perfect for while school is on break.

more than 50 ideas for teens to do while at home since schools are on break or isolation.

As you may know, many teenagers are hooked to the internet and their phones (no shame there as I often am too). Although tech is great, here are some ideas for them to put down that screen, have fun and perhaps even help the community in a time of need.

How do you encourage teenagers not to spend all of their spare time on their phones or video game?  Well, we have collected some activities for teens perfect for while school is on break

Sometimes we just choose the easiest things to do when we are bored and that is why teens often reach for their screens, they are handy, fun and fill the time. So we just need to give them some other ideas of fun things that they can do. I mean no one wants bored teenagers and reducing screen time is great for helping them sleep and means a happy family.

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Over 50 Fun Activities for Teens


Write a novel, poem, song or maybe just a story. Maybe even a blog!

Escape Room at Home

At home or outdoors, your teens will love this fun & cheap Escape Room, which is halfway between a Cluedo and a treasure hunt. Discover it now at: escape-kit.com/en/

Keep a journal

Journalling is good to keep your thoughts and emotions down on paper.


Try making a candle and add your own scent, try giving it to a family member. You can get great candle-making kits online (UK Link/US Link)

Try writing a letter to yourself

Write a letter to your future self to read. Write your goals and all the things you have achieved.

Read a book

Try something outside your usual genre, maybe even listen to audiobooks. Perhaps you can set a challenge to see how many books you can read over the summer.


Spend time putting together a jigsaw (UK Link/US Link) you could buy one and swap it with your friends. A large jigsaw is great to do as a family activity and the whole family can take part.

Jewellery making

Create some pretty necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. You can get some fab Jewellery making kits online (UK Link/US Link). Why not make a friendship bracelet for your best friend.


Now I know we are focussing on more practical non-mobile activities but programming is a great skill for the future and you can find lessons online.

Make your own cosmetics

Make your own beauty products such as bath bombs, lip balms, face masks, and salt scrubs. Then organise a sleepover with your mates and have a pamper session with all the things you have made.


Follow a makeup tutorial on youtube and improve your make-up skills.

Baking or cooking

Try some new recipes and eat some mouthwatering food. We have some fab recipes in our in the kitchen archives. I mean who doesn’t love cookies.

Menu Making

Try making your own menu for the week and plan your food daily. Why not organise a family dinner, but all the ingredients and cook one evening a week.


Still-life, doodling, paint a portrait, colour in. Jennie Maizels offers a Sketchbook Club which is great fun. You could try using materials that are not your usual like chalk instead of pencils and pens.

Make slime

Play with some bright coloured slime and even try making it yourself (UK Link/US Link)

Learn a new language

Try french, Spanish, Klingon or even try making up your own language! My kids use Duolingo at school and it is free and perfect for learning a foreign language.

Make a scrapbook

Stick in all your favourite photos and memories. We have a great step-by-step guide to making your own Smash Book.

Listen to music

Try a different genre. Amazon Music Unlimted is currently offering a free 30-day trial, so why not sign up (UK Link). Make playlists for your friends.

Decorate your bedroom or house

Match colours and have fun!


Try making something or just practice. You could make your own clothes, clothes for dolls, pencil cases or even try upcycling an old pair of jeans into a cushion.

Learn to play an instrument

Learn guitar or piano maybe even flute!


You may start off with finger knitting but develop and create some cool things such as scarfs, hats, blankets or even a jumper.

Stop-motion videos

Try creating your own video. You could even use modelling clay and create your own characters. We have a great resource for simple stop motion here.

Card games

Learn to play cards, try playing with your family. Why not organise a games night and learn how to play poker or rummy? You can also solve a FreeCell game together either online or in person, where you have to make the cards across open cells and the tableau to put them in descending order. 

Board games

Go play some Monopoly or Cluedo. You could even try creating your own board game

If you don’t have board games handy, you can play online ones, like this cribbage game, where you have to score 121 points going around the cribbage board.

Bird watching

Look outside or maybe even open a bird-watching live cam on the internet.


Try taking photos and editing them.


Try doing some different hairstyles or dying your hair.


Try planting some trees or flowers. Why not volunteer to mow your neighbours’ lawn.

Sell some unwanted items

Sell clothes, furniture or toys.

Watch a film

Put some movies into a bowl and pick one out. You can even print off tickets or review the movie after. Why not have a movie marathon of all your favourites perfect for rainy days.

Community help

See how your neighbours are and help out in the community. Try walking dogs or help with shopping.

Graphic novel

Make a comic and animate it. There are some fab resources to help.


Watch videos and learn how to make some very cool things with paper.


Try some simple science experiments or activities.

Look after your pets

Feed them, play with them just watch over them or even have a pet photoshoot!

Make cards

Design greeting cards for people and add photos, make someone’s day!


Use some material and create your own clothes.

Make your own dance

Listen to some music and put together some choreography.

Make your own song

Create a beat and sing along. Compose your own music.

Write letters to someone in need

People in care homes, people in isolation that may need a friend.

Start your own youtube channel

Get creative and start your own platform.

Learn an outside activity

Go skateboarding or work on your football skills. You could learn how to roller skate.

Learn a new skill

Try wood-working, punch-needle craft, calligraphy, weaving, sewing, stitching, patchwork, first-aid, macrame or something else. Sites such as SkillShare (2 Months free subscription), Creativebug

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and Bluprint offers great online courses. Crafters Companion has Crafters TV with some fab ideas for creating.

Read to younger siblings

Find a book and help them read or maybe even read them to sleep.

Help around the house

Wash the dishes and learn some basic life skills while bonding with your parents. We have some great tips on green cleaning and ecological cleaning supplies. Every parent would love help with the laundry or for you to sort your closet out.

Video game socially

Instead of being on 24/7 alone. Try playing with your friends online while self-isolating.

Set up your own podcast

Find out how to set up your own podcast and produce a regular online conversation.


Build a lego set, star wars lego or even use items around the house to build a tower. You are never too old for LEGO – take a look at some of the fab Star Wars LEGO (UK Link/US Link) and LEGO technics (UK Link/US Link).

Facetime someone

To see how a family member is. Ask around to see how friends and local people in the community are.

Netflix and Zoom

Binging on your shows doesn’t have to be a solo experience as you can binge them together with mates over zoom.

Learn circus skills

Practice some juggling and test your flexibility.


Stretch your muscles and take a break. even try meditating – We love Cosmic Yoga

Exercise challenge

Challenge yourself to different moves such as burpees, press-ups or even just a jog. Grab a hula hoop and see how long you can keep it up.

Daily meditating

Challenge yourself to meditate every day.

Table tennis

Try playing a game with a family member and improve your skills.


Throw darts at a dartboard and see what the highest score you can get.

Ride a bike

Take a ride and if you don’t know how to learn.

Spa day

Sit and relax and have a spa day. Use facemasks, hair masks or even get a manicure/pedicure.

Host an online book club

Read and review books with your friends.

Retro loom banding

If you have any loom bands (UK Link/US Link) make some bracelets and experiment with colour.

Organise a day out with friends

Why not arrange a picnic, hike, visit a bowling alley or a day at amusement park (thrills all-round), go to the beach or the local park or even the zoo.

You could always print off these activities and use them in a Bored Jar.

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