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How to make Valentines surprise crackers

We love crackers in The Mad House and our homemade crackers and our New Year’s wish crackers were such a hit, we decided to make some valentines surprise crackers for the ones we love.

Valentines surprise crackers

How to make Valentine’s surprise crackers


Valentines surprise crackers 1

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  1. wrapping paper (one sheet will make four 12 inch long crackers).  We used the same double-sided wrapping we made our heart shaped paper chains from
  2. Double Sided Tape
  3. Cracker Snaps
  4. Loom Bands
    (not essential)
  5. Ribbon or Ric Rac
  6. Toilet rolls or cardboard tubes
  7. Love hearts
  8. Salt dough jewellery
Valentines surprise crackers 2

Cut your chosen paper to size, ours was 12 inches by 6 inches (which is the perfect size for a toilet roll center and to make shaping easier we cut out diamonds or rhomboids out of the paper.  You can get a copy of your free template on my previous cracker post just print it out to your chosen size and you are all set.

Valentines surprise crackers 3

Place a strip of double sided tape on each side of the paper and wrap it tightly around the toilet roll or cardboard tube.

Place a cracker snap, gift (we decided to use our salt dough jewellery), love heart sweets and a valentines joke (Activity Village and Skip to my loo have some fantastic kid friendly valentine jokes) into the cardboard tube before we push the cracker ends in and securing with an elastic band (we used loombands).  What is a cracker without a joke?!

Valentines surprise crackers 4

We then covered the loom bands with ribbon from our stash to match the wrapping paper and tied it into a bow.

Valentines surprise crackers 5

Crackers are really becoming our thing and are perfect for using instead of wrapping paper for small gifts or gifting money.  How wonderful would it be to find an engagement ring in a Valentine’s surprise cracker! These crackers are perfect for engagement rings, and a great way to surprise your special someone. So go ahead, get creative and plan the most memorable engagement ever!

Valentines surprise crackers 6

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